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Fred Van Ackeren


Thanks for the diagram, that's basically what I had in mind but later recalled that in Nemeth there was a way to do this with braille symbols. I found where it's mentioned, p.200 of the Nemeth instruction book. Using that as a guide I came up with the following using the directly under and grouping symbols (it's in ASCII, the Braille selection in the tool bar translates it thusly). The word Hypothesis is in gr.1 following the number sign in this case.

,IF X;9#B "7 #CF.5<,HYPOTHESIS_>>1

(I've saved the file as .b2k and .jpg and attached both.)

I will most likely use the diagram as you first showed, but want to have an alternative method for some proofreaders that for some reason, as I recently experienced, don't like them and I have no way of making graphics.

Thanks for your help, Fred




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