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It is difficult. If we do go down the rabbit hole of designing a non-spatial transcription of the printed horizontal curly brace, then I suspect we must make it very clear what the printed braces are "embracing." That would be "x-squared equals thirty-six" and "x equals six or x equals minus six" In addition, it is probably not best practice to insert an opening curly brace in braille when only the closing curly brace is shown in print.

Thus, I think the following is what we would have to do:

;;<X9#B "7 #CF>.5<;',HYPO!SIS_>1 !N
;<X "7 #F OR ;X "7 "-#F>.5<;',3CLU.N_>

where braille grouping indicators enclose the "embraced" material and a directly below indicator precedes the "pointed to" material, which is enclosed with an opening braille grouping indicator and a closing curly brace.

Whew. I prefer the spatial approach. What do you think?


Corrected versions of all my examples are attached.

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