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Dorothy Worthington

Cindi has asked me to reply to your question regarding the table of contents in your workbook.  If I understand your situation correctly, the brief TOC would be listed in volume 1 on whatever the print page number is. In the first volume you would also have the toc pages listed that are included in that volume.  In the volume that includes part of the first section and part of the second section, the toc that relates to the first section is located as it is in print on page ix, followed by the rest of the first section.  Then, at the location shown in print, on page 217, list the toc for the pages shown in the included part of section 2.  The full table of contents at that point does not have to be included -- that requirement was filled by the brief table of contents in the first volume.

I hope I haven't made this sound too confusing.  Please let me know if you have questions.