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Dan Gergen

Hello Kim,

Thank you for including an image of the print text. Your question was discussed among committee members and the Rules of UEB were consulted so we can give you an informed answer. Your print example shows a fully capitalized passage as


In simbraille, you used the capitalized passage indicator and you terminated it before the trademark symbol which is followed by a comma in the last symbols-sequence.

In UEB §8.5.3 it states, "A capitalized passage is terminated by the capitals terminator immediately following the last affected symbols-sequence."

We also discussed UEB §8.6.2, "The capitals terminator may precede or follow punctuation and other terminators but it is best that indicators and paired characters such as parentheses, square brackets and quotes be nested. That is, close punctuation and indicators in reverse order of opening."

The committee recommends terminating the capitalized passage after the comma. We hope this helps.