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Dan Gergen

Thank you, Dani,

You should be aware that Braille Formats rules for the Author's Segment on the braille title page are in §2.3.5. Please scroll down to §2.3.5(f) where it reads, "The editor's name is used only when the authors are not listed." If an author's name is shown in print, you should list it. Then you do not need to list the editor on the braille title page.

For future reference for example, if your print version did not have the author's name, only then would you list the editor. In your example, the name and affiliation of the editor seems to be on two lines for visual balance on the book's title page. However, it would be treated as one unit and listed on one line as a capitalized passage, with the capitals passage indicator preceding JUNE and the capitals terminator following HAWAII as you mentioned. Following print capitalization is found in BF §2.3.5(b).

I hope this provides some guidance. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Dan Gergen