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Donald Winiecki

Hi Melissa!

With respect to analog clocks in tactile graphics, we can say with certainty that the rules for adding braille to analog clock TGs have not changed from those published in Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics (GSTG) 2010. I have inside information from BANA that soon-to-be-released updates in GSTG do not make any changes to this.

Specifically, following the rules under GSTG 6.1, we should not add the numeric indicator to digits on analog clocks, whether using the UEB Technical code or Nemeth code.

At the very beginning of Unit 6-1 in Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics (GSTG) 2010, there is a table that indicates when to use the numeric indicator and when not to use the numeric indicator. It indicates that the numeric indicator is not to be used in Cartesian graphs, clocks, number lines and other types of technical graphics. I am including a screen shot of the relevant page from GSTG in this reply to your question.

This goes for inside and outside these types of graphics. Learners should have been taught that these types of graphics will not contain any numeric indicators. However, note that the grade 1 indicator is necessary in certain case if single letters or letters corresponding to shortform words are used in these types of graphics.

Hope this helps!

If you have any additional questions related to this or if you have other questions pertinent to TGs, please don't hesitate to ask.

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