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Lindy Walton

The first image shows mathematical signs that all have rules stated in the Nemeth Code. Here are the sections where you can read about them.

simple fractions: Sec. 61
the factorial symbol: Sec. 169
a multiplication dot: Sec. 135
subscripts (Rule XIII), including:
a left subscript: Sec. 75
numeric subscripts to the right of a letter: Sec. 77
an ellipsis: Sec. 43

Hopefully, the braille font will show in this window, but I also have attached a transcription of the two expressions. I may have misread the capitalization of some of the letters, so you will need to correct those if necessary.

?N&/,K1&*,K2&* ''' *,K;P"&#

;N",C;,K .K ?N&/(N-,K)&*,K&#

Let me know if you have further questions.

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