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Dan Gergen

Hello Fred,

Thank you for your questions. You are correct that the "ea" lower groupsign (dot 2) is used in "health." (In your SimBraille example, you used dot 5 which would translate as the initial-letter contraction "lord" but "ea" should be dot 2.)

If you use the capitals terminator after the "H" you are not able to use the lower groupsign "ea" when the letters it represents are preceded or followed by a capitals indicator or a capitals terminator. [UEB §10.6.6]

The letter-sequence "CAHealthWellness," is a compound word. A medial capital letter indicator could be used before "H" as was used for the "W". The capitals terminator would not be needed since the single capital indicator terminates capitalized word mode and would permit the use of the "ea" lower sign as well as saving space. [UEB §10.12.12 & UEB §8.4.2]



UEB §9.1.3 shows an example of two underlined hyperlinks both of which can be activated in the electronic print file: "Go to <u> </u>to learn about <u>UEB rules and examples</u>." The first is considered a print enhancement which need not be shown in braille since the text is sufficient to indicate a hyperlink. The second marks embedded text and unless shown as such the braille reader is unaware of the presence of the link so underlined may be retained.

I hope we were able to help answer your questions.