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I'm going to answer this one for Dan because it really is more a Formats question than a UEB question.

Question 1: If what follows Anesthesiologist is a paragraph it is not part of the list...a blank line separates the list from the paragraph.  Paragraphs are then 3-1 or 1-1.  If you ARE considering them part of the list, it should definitely NOT start at the margin. It could be considered a "second paragraph" to the list item - which would mean margins 7-5 should be used (if your list is a 1-5, 3-5 format).

Question 2: the transcriber gets to choose what a "section" is based on the print.  Without seeing the print, I can't give an opinion on that.  For me, if every section is a list, I would treat it as one "section" and use the same margins throughout. It seems like it would be confusing for the reader to keep switching the margins.  If each listed section is at the end of narrative text (basic paragraphs) then each listed section could have it's own margin definitions.

Question 3: If a page change comes in the middle of a list, no blank lines are required preceding or following the page change indicator. If a list ends at the end of a print page, a blank line is required between the end of the list and the page change indicator. If a list begins at the top of a print page, a blank line is required between the page change indicator and the beginning of the list. See BF 8.3.2b and c

Question 4: Per BF 8.3.5c, a list may not begin on line 25. Move the list to the next page.

Question 5: Yes, a page change indicator can be on line 24 if it occurs within regular text or within a longer list.  If what follows the page change indicator requires a blank line preceding it, move the page change to the next braille page (there must be text on line 25 following the page change indicator on line 24).

Hope this helps!

Cindi Laurent