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    Fred Van Ackeren

    Hi Dan,

    In the following I have several questions for a bulleted list following a main heading (5/5, 7/7):

    (bullet)  Anesthesiologist services

    California Health & Wellness covers anesthesia services that are medically necessary when you get outpatient care.

    For dental procedures, we cover the following services when authorized by California Health & Wellness:

    • IV sedation or general anesthesia services administered by a medical professional


    ,CALI=NIA ,H1L? @& ,WELL;S COV]S
    :5 Y GET \TPATI5T C>E4

    Question 1. After the bullet I left bolded Anethesiologist services followed by the first paragraph (just a sentence in this case) in 1/5. For each additional paragraph I indented 7/5. (Some entries have several aragraphs.) The sub-bullet is 3/5, I haven't come across any additional paragraphs for these yet, but I would put in 7/5.

    Question 2. BF 8.5.1.c. I define "section" as all entries under a main heading. For each part of text under a main heading the heirarchy changes as some sections will be a simple list and others may have 3 levels. OR does section mean something else?

    Question 3. some lists are across to the next page, do these page change indicators require any blank lines before or after?

    Question 4. Can a list entry begin on line 25 and continue to next page?

    Question 5. Can a page change indicator appear on line 24?



    Fred Van Ackeren


    My braille didn't show properly, attached is a .abt file.



    I'm going to answer this one for Dan because it really is more a Formats question than a UEB question.

    Question 1: If what follows Anesthesiologist is a paragraph it is not part of the list...a blank line separates the list from the paragraph.  Paragraphs are then 3-1 or 1-1.  If you ARE considering them part of the list, it should definitely NOT start at the margin. It could be considered a "second paragraph" to the list item - which would mean margins 7-5 should be used (if your list is a 1-5, 3-5 format).

    Question 2: the transcriber gets to choose what a "section" is based on the print.  Without seeing the print, I can't give an opinion on that.  For me, if every section is a list, I would treat it as one "section" and use the same margins throughout. It seems like it would be confusing for the reader to keep switching the margins.  If each listed section is at the end of narrative text (basic paragraphs) then each listed section could have it's own margin definitions.

    Question 3: If a page change comes in the middle of a list, no blank lines are required preceding or following the page change indicator. If a list ends at the end of a print page, a blank line is required between the end of the list and the page change indicator. If a list begins at the top of a print page, a blank line is required between the page change indicator and the beginning of the list. See BF 8.3.2b and c

    Question 4: Per BF 8.3.5c, a list may not begin on line 25. Move the list to the next page.

    Question 5: Yes, a page change indicator can be on line 24 if it occurs within regular text or within a longer list.  If what follows the page change indicator requires a blank line preceding it, move the page change to the next braille page (there must be text on line 25 following the page change indicator on line 24).

    Hope this helps!

    Cindi Laurent

    Fred Van Ackeren

    Your replies are very helpful.
    I thought perhaps a 2nd paragraph was part of the list because in many places after these paragraphs there are bullets indicating a 2nd or 3rd level; the bullets being different for each level gave me a clue that maybe what looked like basic paragraphs could be part of the list as an indented 2nd paragraph.  But in light of your explanation these 2nd and/or 3rd level bullets would become level 1 if there are paragraphs between. The bullets being different shapes would be retained since formats says to "retain bullets".

    thanks, Fred


    Fred Van Ackeren

    Hi Cindi,

    I must have you revisit my bullet list. I started to separate the bulleted items from the paragraphs as suggested but then found that when there was a 2nd level of bullets, they were followed by a level one bullet with no intervening paragraph (see sample .doc file "Anesthesiologist service to Chir0practic services"). The same situation is thruout the text. Since all lists start in cell 1, I think there should be a blank line to separate a sub-item from a level 1 item.

    An alternative would be to keep the sub-bullets 3/5 and the main bullet Chiropractic... 1/5. Furtheron that would mean there may be level 3 bullets in some lists followed by level 1. It will look odd. I would prefer to insert a blank line and call it a change in context (an unrelated bullet) since the sub-bullet is a sub of a previous item and unrelated to the next item, and since both must start in cell 1 as a list item the blank line is the only option (it seems).

    It was also mentioned to put list paragraphs in 7/5 but it many places I can't tell if  a paragraph would be part of the list item or not. Keeping them all 3/1 is best.

    I'm at a loss how to transcribe this, and hoping you can help again.

    thanks, Fred
    see attachment


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    Having some of the print is VERY helpful.  Looking at this, it seem to me that the bold items are section headings...I realize that in print they have bullets, which confuses the issue.  If I were transcribing this, I would make the bold items cell 5 headings, the blocked material paragraphs (3-1 - TN required as they are blocked in print) and the items under those paragraphs lists - with the material you sent me, I would do 1-3 for the lists under Anesthesiologist services and Chiropractic services and 1-5, 3-5 for the list under Specialty mental health services. Because of the headings, you can easily see what a section is for the margins for the lists...they are separate lists under separate headings.  You would need a TN on the TN page that bullets that appear in print on section headings are omitted in braille...as you are changing the print.  It seems like this would make it very clear for the reader what goes with what.


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