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Fred Van Ackeren

Hi Cindi,

I must have you revisit my bullet list. I started to separate the bulleted items from the paragraphs as suggested but then found that when there was a 2nd level of bullets, they were followed by a level one bullet with no intervening paragraph (see sample .doc file "Anesthesiologist service to Chir0practic services"). The same situation is thruout the text. Since all lists start in cell 1, I think there should be a blank line to separate a sub-item from a level 1 item.

An alternative would be to keep the sub-bullets 3/5 and the main bullet Chiropractic... 1/5. Furtheron that would mean there may be level 3 bullets in some lists followed by level 1. It will look odd. I would prefer to insert a blank line and call it a change in context (an unrelated bullet) since the sub-bullet is a sub of a previous item and unrelated to the next item, and since both must start in cell 1 as a list item the blank line is the only option (it seems).

It was also mentioned to put list paragraphs in 7/5 but it many places I can't tell if  a paragraph would be part of the list item or not. Keeping them all 3/1 is best.

I'm at a loss how to transcribe this, and hoping you can help again.

thanks, Fred
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