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Having some of the print is VERY helpful.  Looking at this, it seem to me that the bold items are section headings...I realize that in print they have bullets, which confuses the issue.  If I were transcribing this, I would make the bold items cell 5 headings, the blocked material paragraphs (3-1 - TN required as they are blocked in print) and the items under those paragraphs lists - with the material you sent me, I would do 1-3 for the lists under Anesthesiologist services and Chiropractic services and 1-5, 3-5 for the list under Specialty mental health services. Because of the headings, you can easily see what a section is for the margins for the lists...they are separate lists under separate headings.  You would need a TN on the TN page that bullets that appear in print on section headings are omitted in you are changing the print.  It seems like this would make it very clear for the reader what goes with what.