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Hi Christina!

What a great question!

I am going to base my answer on the way MBC2015 treats irregular key signatures.

I would do the tempo indication exactly as it appears - environs. quarter equals music parenthesis dotted quarter music parenthesis equals 51

The time signatures can be indicated as right and left hand in the music heading - enclose the right hand sign in music parentheses directly before the sharp 12/8. Leave a space, enclose the left hand sign in parentheses directly before the sharp 4/4.

I don't think you'll need to put them in the music line.

(I can't figure out how to use simbraille in this box, so I've attached a pdf. Let me know if it doesn't make its way clearly.)

I also don't think a footnote will be necessary for the meters. It should be clear enough this way. Or are you just referring to the long word expressions?

Be well!


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