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Dan Gergen

Hello Kim,

In your example, the three lines that end with a line continuation indicator (dot 5) leave several cells empty at the end of the lines. These blank cells are not spaces that would terminate grade 1 mode that was set by the last numeric indicator. The line continuation indicator tells the reader that the electronic address continues on the next line because the symbols-sequence is too long for the line.

As such, with on the next line is in grade 1 mode that was set by the last numeric indicator and may not be contracted unless you terminate grade 1 mode after the previous numeric sequence. Whether you terminate grade 1 or spell-out with, you will not save space, but in either case, the four contractions that follow the first hyphen in the remaining symbols-sequnce may be used.

You may want to refer to UEB §5.9.1 to decide if you want to  use a grade 1 terminator to "present words in their familiar contracted form," or spell it out to "minimize the number of indicators."

I hope this helps. (I posted the same answer in your previous post.) Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments.

Dan Gergen