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Patrick Janson

This reply came from FL Committee member, Anna Werner

Hi Veeah, I'm on the foreign language committee.  This is not unlike Hebrew, which we took a look at recently.  What's happening here is that when a vowel follows a consonant, a mark (a "diacritic") is added to the consonant symbol to show the vowel, instead of writing the two sounds separately.  You can see all the diacritic marks here: .  This chart was also helpful to me: .  (Wikipedia is a great resource for understanding the basics of a foreign writing system.)

The basic consonant symbols include a vowel sound, which is written as "a" or a schwa.  The second and third syllables in your song are like this; you just write the consonant symbol and the vowel is implied.  For the others, you need to identify the consonant and the diacritic in use.  The first syllable is "d" with a long i diacritic, so to braille, dots 145, 35

The pronunciation line is not a transliteration line, so you may need to ignore it.  Between Wikipedia and the page from World Braille Usage, I was able to pretty confidently identify the symbols used.  Some of the diacritics were a little unclear because of the resolution of the image, so I hope you have a better copy to zoom in on.