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Mary Mosley

Here are the five answer boxes that I used:


These are the transcriber defined symbols used on the Symbols Page:
.=$cu Calculator underscore symbol (Nemeth Code symbol)
.=$su Square u-shaped symbol (Nemeth Code symbol)
.=@;) Lower right half bracket (Nemeth Code symbol)
.=@^( Upper left half bracket (Nemeth Code symbol)

I used the $w window indicator instead of highlighting them since the text referenced these as such and it didn't really resemble the examples of highlighting in the graphic caluculator guidelines. I also didn't use the shape termination as they weren't modified shapes. That said, with me using the $w...] for these, if there had been a second terminator needed ...
I have not come across any examples in the rules with internal termination. Any ideas on how you would handle that? i.e. $w2$su_$$33o]7_/8] if the squared-U had an arrow directly over it.
Thank you for your help with this. I know it was a difficult example.