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    Mary Mosley

    A trades math text is using various calculator symbols that are not shown in the Graphing Calculator Guidelines nor in Computer Braille Code. The text suggests that these are common. Are there more common symbols listed somewhere that are not in the Graphing Calculator Guidelines? If not, how would you represent these fraction indicators.

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    Lindy Walton

    (Veeah, I am still seeking an answer to your question)


    Lindy Walton

    Thank you for your patience while I searched for an answer to your question. I would like to thank Bonnie Read for her help and suggestions for the transcription of the graphic calculator images in your example (Example 3). She has given us two ideas. One method uses one transcriber-created symbol and two of the half-bracket symbols of the Nemeth Code. The other method uses transcriber-created symbols for all of the bracket shapes.

    The five shaded screen examples will be illustrated below. Note that the blue shaded area before each "2" is a shaded (highlighted) answer box. Use the 456 highlight indicator as listed in Graphing Calculator Guidelines 5.3 on page 3.

    I'm not sure I can mix the braille font in the text on this page. If it doesn't work, you can paste the ASCII characters into your braille document. I have also attached a braille file illustrating the examples.


    --First answer box: There is no braille equivalent for the square "u" shape between the digits 2 and 7 in the first screen. Create a shape for this according to Nemeth Rule XVI Section 107. Bonnie chose to use the shape indicator followed by the letters su for "square u". (This symbol must be listed on the Special Symbols page. For example, $su Square u-shaped symbol (Nemeth Code symbol). You could use another transcriber created symbol if you choose as long as you list it on the Special Symbols page with the appropriate definition.

    --Second answer box: There is no underscore symbol. I chose to use a general omission symbol (full cell) modified with a horizontal bar directly under, according to Nemeth Code Section 86.c. Instead, you could opt to make another transcriber created symbol.

    --In answer boxes 2, 3, and 4 she uses the Half Brackets as listed in Nemeth Rule XVIII. It is not required to list these symbols on the Special Symbols page, but I might be tempted to since they are not often encountered.

    --The last highlighted answer box is straightforward Nemeth, after the highlight indicator.

    Here are the five answer boxes, using METHOD ONE.



    A transcriber shape has been created for all four shapes, interpreting them as sides of a box. The following transcriber shape symbols could be used indicating sides of the box:
    l – left; b – bottom; r – right; t - top.

    The first shape is $lbr
    The second shape is $b
    The third shape is $br
    The fourth shape is $lt

    Here are the five answer boxes, using METHOD TWO.


    I'd be curious to know what you end up doing!


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    Mary Mosley

    Here are the five answer boxes that I used:


    These are the transcriber defined symbols used on the Symbols Page:
    .=$cu Calculator underscore symbol (Nemeth Code symbol)
    .=$su Square u-shaped symbol (Nemeth Code symbol)
    .=@;) Lower right half bracket (Nemeth Code symbol)
    .=@^( Upper left half bracket (Nemeth Code symbol)

    I used the $w window indicator instead of highlighting them since the text referenced these as such and it didn't really resemble the examples of highlighting in the graphic caluculator guidelines. I also didn't use the shape termination as they weren't modified shapes. That said, with me using the $w...] for these, if there had been a second terminator needed ...
    I have not come across any examples in the rules with internal termination. Any ideas on how you would handle that? i.e. $w2$su_$$33o]7_/8] if the squared-U had an arrow directly over it.
    Thank you for your help with this. I know it was a difficult example.

    Lindy Walton

    Veeah, I think your solution is fine. It is easy to read, once you get the hang of it. Thank you for noticing that the termination indicator is not needed after a shape symbol (unless it is modified). Regarding your last question about the internal termination, I think it reads well. It might be helpful to list that long construction in the list of symbols:

    $su_$$33o] Square u-shaped symbol with right-pointing arrow directly over it (Nemeth Code symbol)

    With so many transcriber-devised symbols, as well as those uncommon half-bracket symbols, I might suggest pulling out the symbols used in the calculator windows as a separate topic heading on your Special Symbols page. The cell-5 heading could be something like "Nemeth Symbols used in Calculator Windows". Then you can omit "(Nemeth Code symbol)" from each description.

    Difficult examples are why we're here. They are fun to analyze and discuss. Thank you for the puzzle.


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