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Lindy Walton

At first glance, this looks like it might require "special margins" according to NC Sec.189.b because the equals signs are vertically aligned in print. But point iii in that section says this: "No sign of comparison, except possibly the first one, may be preceded by any expression on its left." So I took a closer look.

There is something strange about this example. It is actually showing that each step equals cos<theta>, but cos<theta> is not printed after the middle two steps. Your transcription will just fine if you simply insert a general omission symbol after each of those equals signs. Like this:

?COS .?/SIN .?#*?SIN .?/1# .K = _:


?COS .?/SIN .?#*?SIN .?/1# .K = _:

I wonder if there are some things missing from the image. Surely the second step ("Simplify by canceling common sine factors.") should have cancellation slashes through each sin<theta>. Could it be printed in a different color that is missing from your source? This would lead me to think that two missing cos<theta>s were also printed in a different color. Of course, you cannot add those items if they don't appear in your copy, but if you find other oddities in this assignment, you might want to investigate the source.