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Donald Winiecki

Christina, we have done some researching to identify problems similar to what you are describing.

Depending on the version of CorelDRAW, the Macintosh OS, and the age of your computer's hardware, the following may help you.

  1. In the menus, open "Tools > Options" and then select the "Global" options in the dialog box that appears. (Note: Depending on your version of CorelDRAW, the menus and dialog box options may be slightly different.)
  2. Uncheck the option "Enable Background Tasks."
  3. Restart your computer and try the same operations in CorelDRAW.

Changing this setting can help because CorelDRAW makes high demands on your computer, and  this setting attempts to allow other operations to occur in the background on your computer. If available hardware is older, or hard-drive space, or RAM memory is low, your computer will appear to lock-up when trying to keep everything running and also opening templates, saving files, or other operations.

Please report back to let us know if this helps for you. Please also reply with your version of CorelDRAW and Macintosh OS.

Finally, please also review the following video to check if you have installed CorelDRAW fully on your Macintosh.