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This question really belongs in the UEB literary forum...but I'll go ahead and answer it 🙂

They are all technically correct (except for the fact that the last example has the columns out of alignment).

In my opinion, the 2nd option is the "cleanest" - it keeps everything in the box and applies capitals to all the letters...but again, all of them are technically correct.

In the first example, the dot locators can be on the lines immediately preceding  and following the box because they apply just to the box.

You mention that contractions are used - in the first line, why is the 'en' in 'gen' not contracted?  To me, without seeing the print, this looks like it might be Spanish (using Spanish accented letters) but if it is English, then the 'en' should be used.

Be sure to list the dot locator on the Special Symbols page (or in  a TN at the site).