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Hello and thank you for your responses, however, from these responses I'm having a difficult time gaining a consistent understanding of when to open Nemeth. I've found a number of examples throughout the Ask an Expert forums that could (most likely) better explain the perspective that I understand, and we can hopefully identify what I'm not fully grasping.

As shown in Stress_Mark_Nemeth5.png (attached) you'll see that the moderator on the forum did not recommend only including the symbols of comparison/operation inside Nemeth, rather that the dot-4 was used to show emphasis.

As shown in Stress_Mark_Nemeth6.png (attached) you'll see that the moderator suggests that even though it's vocabulary, it's also an equation, and as such, is shown inside Nemeth.

Another example here is from Stress_Mark_Nemeth10.png (attached). The moderator instructs that "the words in those math statements are part of the math problem" and "because they are within an inequality or an equation that uses a Nemeth symbol, the numbers and words are transcribed in Nemeth."

The only difference that I understand from the three examples just listed and from the example we're discussing on this thread is the existence of the stress marks.

Can you explain why we'd include the vocabulary from the first example, the modified symbol in piñata from the second, and all items on the third example, but then would only include the equals sign when there's pronunciation involved? And can you please explain how is "ap′-ō-TŌ-sis=a falling off" fundamentally different than x=1?

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