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Dan Gergen

Hello Mandy,

I am terribly sorry that we did not notice your question in reply to a previous conversation that was started back in May 2016. I hope it isn't too late to offer an answer at this time.

UEB 10.6.2 states, "Use the lower groupsign for "be", "con" or "dis" only at the beginning of a word and only when followed by a letter, a contraction, a modified letter or a ligatured letter." —the emphasis for "only" is mine.

An indicator is defined in UEB §2.1 Terminology as a braille sign that does not directly represent a print symbol but that indicates how subsequent braille sign(s) are to be interpreted.

For typeforms, capitalization, or grade 1, there are four indicators that would apply to a symbol (or single letter), a word (or symbols-sequence), a passage (3 or more symbols-sequences), and a terminator. The terminator, by definition, is also an indicator that stops the effect of another indicator, such as a typeform word, or a typeform passage indicator.

Again, I am sorry to have failed to answer your question earlier. Please don't hesitate to ask any question and I promise we will provide an immediate answer.

Dan Gergen

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