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Thank you for your question!

Yes, I believe we would transcribe the question as you describe.


Attached is a picture of the above along with what I guess your print looks like ($3.60 over +$2 with the $2 not aligned with the $3 in print).

You and I and members of the NBA UEB Technical Material Committee are all inclined to align the problem's components in a mathematically logical way, with the 2 tucked nicely under the 3.

A word of WARNING though: If the components of the problem are not aligned in print, and you have reason to believe that is intentional, then you should follow the print. In other words, if the goal of the exercise is for the learner to identify alignment issues and proceed appropriately, then we need to reproduce the weird alignment in braille.

I hope this helps as you journey on in UEB Math/Science!


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