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Thank you for the question and for sharing some images of your print.

We (the NBA UEB Technical Material Committee) recommend creating a key for the quote bubbles so that their full text is given before the problems and the little key symbols for each quote bubble are placed where appropriate in relation to the spatial problems. This cuts down on the amount of text crowded into the spatial problems, which are challenging to navigate even without commentary.

Similarly, for the blue text, *if* you have to keep the blue, then we would explain its use in a transcriber's note before the problems. Spatial math is difficult enough, and adding a three cell symbol (the transcriber-defined typeform) to the math will make it much more difficult.

The wording for a transcriber's note about blue text might say something like, "In the following problem, blue text is used to highlight 73 in 573, the second 2 and the 8 in 228, and 800. This highlighting is not reproduced in braille."

Braille on!
–Kyle and the UEB Tech Team at NBA