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Donald Winiecki
Hi Julie!
Using CorelDRAW any object can be centered on the page with a shortcut key (our CorelDRAW expert is a huge fan of those shortcut keys!). This includes text.
    To see how this works, draw a circle or something else anywhere on the screen.

  • After you have drawn an object, select the object and press the letter “p” on your keyboard (not the quotes, just p).
  • Whatever was selected will have been moved to the center of the page.
This same technique can be used to center anything in CorelDRAW.
You can set-up your template and draw your margins using this technique, as described below.
    In your case, if you want 1/2" margins on all four edges on a page that is 11" x 11-1/2," draw a square that is 10” by 10-1/2”. (If you want wider side margins, decrease the 10-1/2" width of this square.)

  • Now select that square and press the letter “p” on your keyboard. The box will be moved to the Center of the page with 1/2" margins on all four sides.
  • You can then create guidelines to match the edges of the box or the edges of your braille text.

You may also want to review Appendix G in GSTM <;. That appendix shows a template similar to what you are making.