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Donald Winiecki


Another of our experts has just come back with additional information about setting up CorelDRAW. This goes beyond particulars of formatting and gets into setup of your software, so it may help you customize your template.


In G.S.T.G. Appendix G has an “Example of Tactile Graphic Template.” This example shows the top and bottom margins of the braille page are set at ½ inch from the edges. The right and left margins are shown to be set at 1 inch from the edges of the braille page.

From that we can begin to customize settings in CorelDRAW.

In CorelDRAW, the “Object Manager” creates a tab for each page of the file which allows you to organize and layer your drawing accordingly.

Each tab has a section available to giving you the option to control the guides for each individual page. The “Object Manager” also has a “Master Page” tab which will allow you to place items on every page of the file.

The “Master Page” has its own section that allows you to control a set of guides you would like to appear on every page. Under the “Master Page” tab using the pick tool, select the ‘Guides (all pages)’ sub-tab, it should turn blue.

Using the Guideline docker add 2 vertical guides.

1 guide set at 1 inch and the other set at 10.5 inches.

You will also need to add 2 horizontal guides. 1 guide set a ½ inch and the other set at 10.5 inches.

Once all 4 guides are set in place under the “Master Page” tab you can choose a color that will allow you to distinguish those guides from any other you use on individual pages. Finally lock the Guides (all pages) sub-tab.

The Guides on your template will appear in the same position as long as the Guides (all pages) sub-tab remains locked.