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I'm really sorry that I never responded to this! I did not see it and did not get notified of a post. I'm sure you've moved on past this but I'll still say that I think I would do it as a list and repeat headings as necessary.

Centered table heading

Vector Orientation at the margin

Vectors are Parallel in cell 3

Calculational Strategy... in cell 1

Add or subtract... in cell 3

Vector Orientation (repeated) in cell 1

Vectors are perpendicular in cell 3 with the diagram following

Calculational Strategy ... repeated in cell 1

Use ... in cell 3

Use (new paragraph) ... in cell 3

You could combine the headings "Adding two vectors" and "Limited usefulness" into one heading.

You would for sure need a TN to explain that you are using a list format for the table and that headings are repeated as necessary.

This is, for sure, super complicated!