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It seems to me you have two options:

  1. Leave it where it is in print and then put a brief embedded TN after each time it is mentioned before you actually get to it - something like "Figure 1.1 TN on page a35 TN" OR
  2. Move it to where it is first mentioned in the text, reference it's location when needed and then put a TN on the print page where the figure actually appears - TN Figure is moved to page a27 TN.

If you move it you also need a TN stating that the figure is moved from page ... so in my opinion, the "cleaner" method is to leave it where it appears in print and just put in embedded TNs to let the reader know where to find the figures.

If the placement is very consistent and it can be explained on the TN page you could avoid all the embedded TNs by putting something on the TN page like "The figures mentioned in the text appear at the end of each section." Of course, to do it that way, they must ALWAYS be that way in print 🙂