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If I am understanding your question...the notes are being put into each volume with the material to which they apply, right? Per BF 16.9.2b "Endnotes at the end of a book generally are divided and placed at the end of the volume in which the references appear." So the notes are placed at the end of each volume and should keep the print page number that applies - in this case, 738.

Let's say that the notes for Chapters 1 & 2 appear on print page 738 in the print text. Let's say that each chapter is one volume - so Chapter 1 is in volume 1 and Chapter 2 is in volume 2. At the end of volume 1 is print page 738 with the notes for Chapter 1 and at the end of Volume 2 is print page 738 again with the notes for Chapter 2.

In the Volume 2, Table of Contents, the contents for Chapter 2 would be first followed by a blank line and then the Notes page showing print page 738.

Does this answer your question? If I have misunderstood the question please clarify 🙂