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Step 1, Step 2 is one list (unless they are separated by explanatory paragraphs). In the file you sent me, the entire thing should be 1-7, 3-7, 5-7. There is a "Rulings by Committee" document coming soon to BANA (it's approved, but not yet posted) that states the following:

  • A heading must be followed by at least one complete list item (which may be more than one braille line) before the list is continued on a new braille page.
  • 8.4.1c which says "Keep a columned list on a single page when possible" refers to multi-columned lists – not a single list. As per 8.3.5, a list may be divided between braille pages.
  • Keep a multi-columned list on a single page when possible.

The hope is that this clarification will help make the list guidelines easier to understand and follow.

I do have a question - what is the symbol that uses dots 5, 146? If you are intending for that to be a checkmark (which is what I suspect), the UEB checkmark is dots 4, 146. It's an update that was made in April 2018 and can be found on the ICEB website at