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    The attached shows an abbreviation(?) in an Algebra II book. The "Standards of Learning" for this Algebra II book (where AII is for Algebra II and T is for Trigonometry) are listed throughout the book as AII/T.18.b-AII/T.18.d and AII.4.a et al.

    How do I braille AII/T.18.b-AII/T.18.d and AII.4.a ?

    My initial thought is to transcribe them ,A,II_/,T".18.D and ,A,II".4.A . My second thought is to transcribe them ,,AII_/,T".18.D and ,,AII".4.A .

    The AII/T.18.b (AII followed by a slash) shows me that the decimal point or period we see is not associated with an abbreviation and is therefore not a period but a decimal point. The "A" is an English letter followed by the Roman numberal "II". Yellow Book section (YB) 90 - The double cap indicator must be used before a Roman numeral ... The letter "T" is followed by .18 (point 18 or dot 18). YB 134.b. ... the multipurpose indicator must be placed between the letter and the decimal point ... My second solution seems easier to read. While the "seems easier" solution may be correct, it doesn't seem to follow the rules I am looking at. What did I miss?

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    Lindy Walton

    What a great question. I am looking into this and will get back to you soon. The issues here have to do with letters (A and T as well as a b c d etc.), Roman numerals which look like letters but are actually numeric, and decimal points that use the same cell configuration as the Greek letter indicator.

    Lindy Walton

    Following current rules, here is how to braille the section labels:

    First example:
    print: AII/T.18.b-AII/T.18.d


    Use cap A for the "A" and cap T for the "T" -- no ELIs since they do not stand alone. [NC Sec.27.g]
    Use double-cap II for the Roman numeral. [NC Sec.18.a]
    The "dot" is considered to be a decimal, which is a numeric symbol, so it requires the use of the multipurpose indicator as follows: after a letter and before a decimal; after a decimal and before a letter. [NC Sec.177.ii and 177.v]

    Unfortunately, this makes for a very long construction.

    If these references occur [u]frequently[/u] throughout your transcription, I don't think it would be frowned upon to write a note on the Transcriber's Notes page stating that you are omitting the decimal points from the section labels. This would make them slightly more compact and a bit easier to read. Like this:


    Note that a dot 5 is still required between a letter and the following number, otherwise the number becomes a subscript.

    Second example:
    print: AII.4.a et al.
    [braille],A,,II".4."A ET AL4
    [braille],A,,II"4A ET AL4

    I hope to hear a loud objection if this is considered to be bad practice.

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