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    Lucas Timpe

    I have a situation that I feel I have seen the answer to before but can’t find it. I have a TOC that is organized alphabetically. According to formats, a TOC organized this way is treated as if it were an index and is repeated in full in each volume. In music we use braille page numbers though, so how do we let the braille reader know which volume a particular piece is in? So, if there are 4 volumes, it means that the TOC treated as an index would have 4 songs on page 1.  What would be the best way to present this to the braille reader?



    Hi Lucas,

    I've conferred with some other folks and we agree that it is acceptable to break the rules for this kind of Table of Contents.

    On your Transcriber's Notes page, include a statement that you are changing the format of the ToC. Instead of doing alphabetical, as in print, I would follow the order in which they fall in each volume. Then only include what appears in each subsequent volume in that volume's particular ToC.

    Hope that helps!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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