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    As a Braille proofreader, especially in the area of foreign languages, I often come across picture descriptions that are omitted, and are replaced with instruction to the student to "Ask for help". My thinking is that this instruction, from transcriber to unsuspecting reader, places an undue burden on the Braille reader that is not placed on the reader's sighted peers and which could adversely affect the blind student's academic performance. Two questions, then: 1. Is this actually any of my concern as a proofreader, or is my task simply to proofread the text that is present? 2. If those in this forum believe that I am within my boundaries to request that the photographs be described, what types of resources can I recommend to which the transcriber not familiar with the language can turn for assistance, especially if time is of the essence in getting the book to the student? This forum, of course, would be my first choice, but not all transcribers belong to our Association.

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