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    Hi Cindi,

    I'm attaching the print I'm working with. I'm using a stairstep format. My question is regarding the boldface, which print says denotes the irregular forms. I want to emphasize them individually. My thinking is, if the reader is "glancing" around, they will know a word is bold without having to look for opening and closing emphasis indicators. Does this make sense (and can I do it)?


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    It would be helpful to know what braille format you are using...

    Just looking at the print, I would say it is probably some type of list format...where the braille reader would most likely start at the margin to find something rather than "glancing" around.  I can see no reason why the passage indicators should not be used...



    It's UEB with uncontracted Spanish with Spanish language symbols (Method 3). The table itself I'm doing stairstep, so the first column is 1-1 and column with the word lists are 3-3. I was just thinking since the info at the top states "the irregular forms are boldface," they are referring to individual words from the list.

    I'm probably overthinking it. I guess I can't go wrong following the rules. 🙂



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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