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    Melissa Klepper

    Is a blank line required between a figure (table) caption and a top box line?

    We have found what appears, to us, to be conflicting information in BF2016. The table guidelines tell us to leave a blank line, but the Box guideline says not to.

    11.2.8 Table Captions

    a. Regardless of its print location, place a table caption (usually a brief explanation) before the table.

    b. Use 7-5 margins. If the table has no title or heading, insert an identifier (e.g., figure, chart, table, etc.) enclosed in transcriber’s note indicators. The caption follows the identifier on the same line.

    c. Insert a blank line between the caption and the table.

    The formats example shows a blank line after the Figure caption and before the box.

    But then if you look in the box section:

    7.2 Blank Lines

    7.2.1 Boxes are preceded and followed by blank lines.

    a. A top box line can appear on line 1 when a running head is not used and line 3 when a running head is used.

    b. A blank line separates a page change indicator from a box line.


    c. Do not leave a blank line following a top box line.

    d. Do not leave a blank line preceding a bottom box line.

    e. Do not leave a blank line between boxed material and any accompanying heading, caption, directions, or source citation.


    I am on vacation at the moment and cannot look up the "older" files (or even download what is on the BANA website) but in the latest version of BF 2016, there is no blank line between the table heading/caption and the beginning blank line in Sample 11-1 (which is referred to in 11.2.8). If there is another sample/example you are referring to, please let me know ... and I will look at the older files when I return home late this weekend.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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