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    Chris Clemens

    The first paragraph of Appendix C of the formats manual states that a blank line should be placed after a page change indicator where a blank line is required. I have a situation where: braille page 7 ends on line 23 and the page change indicator falls on line 24, followed by a cell 5 heading. Should I force the page change indicator to the next page, leaving 2 blank lines on the previous page, and force another blank line following the page change indicator and before the cell 5 heading. I would much rather leave the two blank lines on the previous page, start the next page with the new print page number with the heading on line one. No running head involved. Which way is better?


    A page change indicator on line 23 would leave the cell-5 heading on line 25 because line 24 would have to be blank. Start the new print page on the NEXT BRAILLE PAGE, just as you mentioned. Leave those two lines blank on the preceding page. Happens all the time. Now you are on line 1 of a new braille page that also happens to be a new print page. There is no running head. See Formats 4.3.1. ANY heading can be on line 1 if there is no running head. Since the new print page falls on a new braille page, there is no page change indicator anyway. Your cell-5 heading is on line 1 and you're all set. Braille on.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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