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    I am transcribing a Latin text book and have run across single letter word parts followed or preceeded by a hyphen. These letters are usually modified by the addition of a macron.

    Are these letters treated as letters or as words when they are italicized. I have been told by a colleague that since they are word parts they get the italicized word sign. I cannot find any examples in any publication that I have access to that has the answer to this question.

    Do I use the italicized letter indicator or the italicized word indicator before a modified letter used as a word part?

    See the attached and focus on the modified bold letter 'i' in the paragraph above the colored box as an example.


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    A modified letter is still a letter, but with a hyphen before or after (or both) it would be fine to italicize just the letter, or the letter-hyphen combination (as a word).

    In a foreign language textbook where this type of thing will come up often, I think it makes the most sense to use the italicized word indicator and include the hyphen(s) in the italics.  It's easier for you as a transcriber, and it's clear and consistent for the reader to have the italics come first in a symbols-sequence, to signal the language change.

    So, in this case, "e-" "-v-" and "-a" would be brailled as: [italicized word indicator][e][-] / [italicized word indicator][-][v][-] / [italicized word indicator][-][a]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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