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    Christina Conroy


    Ok, I have a box that ends on line 25. That is also the end of the print page. So the next page is a new print page. It is a foreign language text and there is an alphabetic page number spelled out at the left. There is no running head. Should the alphabetic page number be on line 1 or should the page change indicator come on line 2, followed by the alphabetic page number?



    BF 1.14.1c is pretty specific that alphabetic page numbers are placed on line 1 if there is no running head. Usually I would say that since the box ends on line 25, the text that follows would need to be on line 2 (with no running head) or 3 (with running head) to account for the blank line. Since the print page number will still be on line 1, I feel that the alphabetic print page number should be as well. There could be a case for putting the text on line 3...which would still account for the blank line following the box line...but nothing in BF says specifically to do that. The alphabetic page number needs to follow the page change indicator - in this case there is no page change indicator - it's I am confident that putting the alphabetic number on line 1 follows the "intent" of BF.

    The blank line at the top of the page is something that the BANA Formats committee is trying to address in errata or in some other way - to more clearly state what should be done. As of today, that information is not available. So choose your method and then be consistent.


    Christina Conroy

    Thanks so much, Cindi! That's precisely what I've done! Great to get confirmation!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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