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    The new Braille Formats 2011 has been released for use. It is available for free download at the BANA website This is a major revision and it is authorized for use NOW, with a definite impelementation date to be announced soon by BANA. Hard copy will be available for sale from APH at a later date.

    1. Books and projects already started continue under the 1997 Braille Formats.
    2. New transcriptions can be brailled under the new 2011 Braille Formats. If you do this, do not use anything in the 1997 Formats.
    3. All new transcriptions started after the implementation date, MUST be done using Braille Formats 2011. The 1997 Formats is to be considered obsolete and no longer in effect after the implementation date EXCEPT for transcriptions that were started BEFORE the implementation date.

    We will take questions about the 2011 Formats as soon as you start using it and have any questions to ask.

    This is a mandatory change and every transcriber must have a copy of these new guidelines.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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