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    Hello. First let me say that I have been glancing through the new Braille Formats 2011 and I personally give it a big thumbs up. Many of the changes are things that I have thought of myself, and am very happy to see them in this new version. I do have a question though. I do have a question regarding Section 12. There are 7 "samples" and each only shows the print version and no braille equivalent. It just so happens that "sidebars" are something that I have often struggled with and was excited to see the samples. Please advise?
    Thanks for all you do!!!


    I think there are no braille examples for the sidebars because they aren't necessary. "Sidebar" is a new term in Formats and the braille format is very well described. Simply braille the sidebar as boxed material, using the appropriate paragraph format as in print, and place the material in the appropriate location as determined by how the material relates to the regular text. The commentary in the section clearly explains that the purpose of the section is to identify sidebars so that the transcriber will know which print material to treat in this fashion. Several types of print sidebars are shown. If a transcriber is uncertain about how to place material in a box, I recommend a visit over to Section 7 Boxed Material.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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