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    Subject: Runovers for TOC entries in subsequent volumes




    Dear Expert,

    The complete table of contents is transcribed in the first volume with subsequent volumes containing only the portion of the table of contents pertaining to the print pages in that volume.

    <u>Question</u>: In subsequent volumes, do runovers remain the same as those in the complete TOC in volume 1? Are the portions of the TOC in subsequent volumes formatted individually, or should runovers for TOC entries be the same in every volume?

    For example, the complete TOC in volume 1 has four levels and all runovers are in cell 9 (1-9, 3-9, 5-9, 7-9). The portion of the TOC in volume 5 only has three levels.

    <u>Question</u>: Should runovers in volume 5 be changed to 1-7, 3-7, 5-7 or should they remain 1-9, 3-9, 5-9 as in volume 1?


    Thank you very much.


    Grafton Braille Service Center


    Each volumes is treated individually.  The TOC in volume 2 may not use the same indentions as were found in Volume 1.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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