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    Mary Mosley

    Hello, I am a QC person here at CBNP. There seems to be some dissenting opinions among people over lists. I know you have answered similar questions before and I thank you in advance for your patience.


    1. Is it preferable to keep a list (simple or nested) all on one page if it will fit?


    1. If a nested list breaks over a page and a main entry in cell 1 lands on line 25 should it be brought to the next page with its sub-entries? See example 1.


    1. May a nested list item be broken as shown in example 2?


    1. Is it okay to break a simple list (and item) the way it is done in example 3?


    1. May the first item in a list break over a page as shown in example 4?


    Example 1


    ,presid5t f ,massa*usetts

    ,john ,hancock


    ,button ,giv9nett

    ,lyman ,hall

    ,george ,Walton

    ,nor? ,c>ol9a                         #gh

    ———————new page——————

    ,william ,hoop]                    b#ic

    ,joseph ,hewes

    ,john ,p5n


    Example 2


    ,_w ,w> ,,ii


    ,cause & ,e6ect


    _4 ,europe su6]s massive de/ruc;n

    9 ,_w ,w> ,i

    _4 ,g]mans & ,italians res5t

    ,v]sailles ,tr1ty

    _4 ,grt ,depres.n l1ds to rise    #ae

    ——————–new page———————

    ( fasci/ dictators            a#ejb

    _4 ,europ1n app1se;t fails to 5d




    Example 3


    ,addi;nal ,map ,9=ma;n

    #a4 ,briti% capture ,new ,york ,c;y1

    #aggf1 ,wa%+ton mov$ mo/ ( 8 troops

    f ! nor!rn 5d ( ,manhattan ,isl& to

    ,:ite ,pla9s1 ,new ,york4

    #b4 ,am]icans attack ,briti% at     #ij

    ——————new page———————-

    ,tr5ton & ,pr9ceton1 #aggf        a#if

    #c4 ,burgoyne surr5d] at ,s>atoga1 #aggg

    #d4 ,h[e captures ,philadelphia1 #aggg



    Example 4


    ,addi;nal ,map ,9=ma;n

    #a4 ,briti% capture ,new ,york ,c;y1

    #aggf1 ,wa%+ton mov$ mo/ ( 8

    troops f ! nor!rn 5d (              #ij

    —————–new page———————-

    ,manhattan ,isl& to ,:ite        a#if



    The braille did not come through as braille...but I will try to answer your questions.

    1. I think that is a transcriber's decision. If it is a short list, I would recommend keeping it on one page, but otherwise, lists can be split between braille pages.

    2. No, there is no need to bring the cell 1 entry to the next page to keep it with its sub-entries.

    3. I can't read the ascii and the format was not retained.

    4. Yes, I think...again, it's hard to decipher the examples.

    5. I can't read the braille and I don't think the format was retained.

    Could you send the examples as an attachment?

    The bottom line is, yes, lists can be split between braille pages. You cannot have one line of a list on the first page, but if the first entry of the list is more than one line, it COULD be split between braille pages. I would probably bring it all to the next page though.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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