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    Mary Mosley

    Breaking Lists


    Hello, I am a QC person here at CBNP. There seems to be some dissenting opinions among people over lists. I know you have answered similar questions before and I thank you in advance for your patience.


    1. Is it preferable to keep a list (simple or nested) all on one page if it will fit?


    1. If a nested list breaks over a page and a main entry in cell 1 lands on line 25 should it be brought to the next page with its sub-entries? See example 1.


    1. May a nested list item be broken as shown in example 2?


    1. Is it okay to break a simple list (and item) the way it is done in example 3?


    1. May the first item in a list break over a page as shown in example 4?


    Example 1


    ,presid5t f ,massa*usetts

    ,john ,hancock


    ,button ,giv9nett

    ,lyman ,hall

    ,george ,Walton

    ,nor? ,c>ol9a                         #gh

    ---------------------new page------------------

    ,william ,hoop]                    b#ic

    ,joseph ,hewes

    ,john ,p5n


    Example 2


    ,_w ,w> ,,ii


    ,cause & ,e6ect


    _4 ,europe su6]s massive de/ruc;n

    9 ,_w ,w> ,i

    _4 ,g]mans & ,italians res5t

    ,v]sailles ,tr1ty

    _4 ,grt ,depres.n l1ds to rise    #ae

    --------------------new page---------------------

    ( fasci/ dictators            a#ejb

    _4 ,europ1n app1se;t fails to 5d




    Example 3


    ,addi;nal ,map ,9=ma;n

    #a4 ,briti% capture ,new ,york ,c;y1

    #aggf1 ,wa%+ton mov$ mo/ ( 8 troops

    f ! nor!rn 5d ( ,manhattan ,isl& to

    ,:ite ,pla9s1 ,new ,york4

    #b4 ,am]icans attack ,briti% at     #ij

    ------------------new page----------------------

    ,tr5ton & ,pr9ceton1 #aggf        a#if

    #c4 ,burgoyne surr5d] at ,s>atoga1 #aggg

    #d4 ,h[e captures ,philadelphia1 #aggg



    Example 4


    ,addi;nal ,map ,9=ma;n

    #a4 ,briti% capture ,new ,york ,c;y1

    #aggf1 ,wa%+ton mov$ mo/ ( 8

    troops f ! nor!rn 5d (              #ij

    -----------------new page----------------------

    ,manhattan ,isl& to ,:ite        a#if





    Julie Sumwalt


    I am going to punt this one over to the Formats forum. Please repost your question there.



    Mary Mosley

    Thanks I will repost there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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