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    Chris Clemens

    We are currently working on an accounting book and are finding many examples of “wordy” equations, and there is no mention in the Nemeth Code about when to break equations between words. Here is an example of the type of equation found in our document.

    1,000 partially completed physical units in process × 75% complete with respect to conversion = 750 equivalent units

    I’m wondering if breaking between words would be above comparison and operation symbols on the priority list or below. Depending on which way we went, the equation (in 3/5 for a displayed equation) would either look like this

    #1,000 "pi,y -plet$ physical units 9
    process@*75@0 -plete ) respect 63v].n
    .k #750 equival5t units


    #1,000 "pi,y -plet$ physical units 9
    @*75@0 -plete ) respect 63v].n
    .k #750 equival5t units

    I have been using the former method rating “between words” at the top of the list. My reasoning for this is that the text is for a 600 level class and the chance of the reader not being unclear on any equation that is divided this way, seems slim to none. It also seems to save space, and this is a priority that is often overlooked in Nemeth. I have poured over the Nemeth Code, and I am unable to find a rule or example that illustrates this. Where on the priority list would you put “splitting equations between words”?

    Thank you for your time and consideration


    The words in your equation would be far down the list from either comparison signs or operation signs. All of the words before the multiplication sign represent one numeric unit in the equation. If you must divide between words you would also have to divide at all operation signs and all comparison signs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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