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    ***cross-posted from Professional Resources***

    Can anyone assist with this question? I am not a Duxbury user and I don't have an answer.




    I have a staff member who is blind. He helps emboss braille materials. He has a computer, JAWS and a Braillant to provide support. My question is when he is in a file, he doesn't know what line he is on. This is just one example. I'm not sure if he doesn't have the right equipment or software. We use Duxbury. Are there any suggestions or training that are available to him? Our goal is for him to be independently editing and embossing books. I really want to provide the best support by giving him tools to be successful at his job. Thanks in advance.


    Good morning Jana,

    Here is a response from an experienced, sighted Duxbury user:

    While I have no experience using JAWS, I think I might have found something useful in Duxbury's help files. I found a section on JAWS Scripts that includes several hot keys that will be of use to a JAWS user. In this case, Alt + 9 should speak the current cursor location, giving the page, line, and column. Here is the link to an online version of the in-program article (it must be noted that this documentation is for 12.5 and appears to match what I found in my 12.2): Hopefully, this will help the user.

    Additionally, here are two more links for Duxbury questions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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