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    Chris Clemens

    If the first paragraph after the blank line for a new time or setting is not indented in the material being brailled, is print followed? Paragraphing rule from 2.2 in the Instruction Manual states: "Paragraphs in general reading material are indicated in braille by starting the first word of each new paragraph in the third space, or cell ... This rule applies even if the text is printed in block form (no paragraph indentions) with blank lines between the paragraphs....

    It seems like I should indent it even though the print is not indented.

    Thanks so much, Cheryl


    Hi Cheryl,
    Yes, for a Literary transcription (Not a textbook) all paragraphs are treated as indented paragraphs regardless of the way it is printed. There is one exception. Section 15.5 of the Literary Lesson Manual covers displayed and quoted material. It says to follow print paragraph format. That is the only time you might use a blocked paragraph in a literary book.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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