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    Mary Mosley

    I have included an attachment from an Offender that works for me at the Center for Braille and Narration production. He is wanting clarification on children's books and the formatting required.

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    I am attaching a .docx file of this response so that is can be more easily shared with the transcriber.

    Thank you for including the scans of the print pages. That is always very helpful.

    I’m not clear which set of rules you are referring to. It looks like you refer to the Promising Practices for Early Literacy.

    These rules are NO LONGER in effect. They have been removed from the APH website.

    That means the result Formats rules should be used. There is a new set of BANA Guidelines for textbooks. It is available from the BANA website ( as a free .pdf download that you can print out. These guidelines go into effect Jan. 1.2013, and they can be used now.

    The old 1997 Formats may still be used for books started before Jan. 1, 2013. After that, it is obsolete and should be discarded.

    There are a few provisions for children’s books in both the new 2011 Formats and the 1997 Formats, but they are not the same in each case. If you will clarify for me which rules you are using I can make recommendations about transcribing this book correctly.

    I am not able to help with the Duxbury code aspect, but I can refer you to appropriate resources in that field if you still need after we clarify the rules you are using.

    I’ll be glad to help identify the appropriate guidelines to use with this material when you let me know which guidelines you are using.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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