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    In the clarinet book I'm doing, there is a part (#1 on the attachment page) where it builds a chord and the different notes are labeled with a number (saying what note in the chord it is).  What is the right way to put that number in?  And in this case, is it better to do one clarinet line with intervals or multiple clarinet lines (it does say "div."), adding in implied rests?

    Second question: what's the best way to deal with the labels above the staff?

    Third question: is there anything to be done when the music line has no key or time signature?

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    Hi Anna,

    In the divisi chords, I would use full-measure in-accords, adding implied rests. Put the numbers before the notes with word sign indicators.

    I would place the labels "tonic chord" "subdominant chord" etc as word expressions before the chords, as well.

    In an example like #1, you could put a transcriber's note indicating there is no time signature. I don't know if it's necessary in an exercise like this to add a signature - especially with that first measure of nine stemless noteheads with fermatas on each one. There really is no rhythmic impetus in that bar. You could add a signature of 3/1 (with the dot 5 before it to indicate it's added by you) before the second measure but I don't know if it's entirely necessary. But that is certainly a possibility.

    Hope that helps!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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