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    Chris Clemens

    I was reading over the document from BANA concerning Nemeth and UEB, and I had a couple of questions, hoping that you can clarify. From reading this, if we are doing a Math or other book that must be done in Nemeth, we will need to use the switch to/from Nemeth sign even though the whole book is Nemeth, or am I reading this incorrectly? Is this concerning books that are not Math, and just have some math in them? Thank you


    The Nemeth switches must be used even though the whole book may be math (Nemeth). The surrounding text is transcribed in UEB, but the technical material is transcribed in Nemeth Code, so distinction must be shown between the two. This applies to technical books such as math, science, statistics, etc. Guidance for the use of the switches is posted on BANA's website.

    Katrina Ostby

    So how do we use a computer program to do this? Is there any posted documentation anywhere on how to convert a LaTeX or MathML file into UEB with the math in Nemeth Code? Are there any conferences scheduled with lectures on how to do this?


    Please give me a day or two to comb through my references and tap my resources to see what I can discover. I will get back to you.



    I have a few pieces of information for you:

    1) The next release of Duxbury (DBT), which should come out this month, will include a character style called "Nemeth" that should translate what's enclosed in that style according to Nemeth rules while allowing the surrounding text to be in UEB. There is also an "altmath" technique that can be used in DBT to select what code will be used to translate technical material while allowing non-technical material to be translated using another code. More information about this can be found in the DBT Help menus.

    2) I expect that 2016 will see one or more NBA workshops that include information on using software to create Nemeth material in a UEB context.

    3) At this time, I do not know of any lectures dealing with software and Nemeth code.

    4) I do not personally use them, but you may find that the combination of Scientific Notebook and Duxbury meets some of your needs. More information about this is available on Duxbury's website: [url=]link[/url]

    Thank you for your time. Please do let me know if you have further questions.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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