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    Chris Clemens

    Attached are 4 files with samples of print "Compound Inequalities", which I have never brailled before and need your help and advice. On Page 41, EXAMPLE 1 shows 2 Methods for solving a compound inequality. Note that Method 1 shows the solution centered between the two inequalities. On Page 44, EXAMPLE 6, section b. shows another inequality which, if alignment is important, would be difficult to braille. Page 47, exercise 51, shows an "or" compound inequality. Page 52, Example 9, shows compound inequalities with comments to the steps. Are there guidelines for alignment and/or format? Thank you.

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    Chris Clemens

    Thank you for providing images of the print pages. My comments appear in the attached file. If you are not seeing a braille font, let me know please.

    --Lindy Walton (Committee Member)

    Lindy Walton

    Thank you very much for your reply to my inquiry regarding compound inequalities. Your conclusion to treat it as a spatial arrangement and keep the two parts of the compound inequality in alignment made it very readible in braille.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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